To curate is a purposeful act.

Ali’s deep love for faraway places, sunlit corners of the globe, and the energy of the unexpected, drives our search for distinctive and meaningful pieces from around Africa. Our aim is to elevate the work of craftspersons into unique pieces of artistry, that embody a deeper story about creativity as essential. 

Through mindful exploration we curate a purposeful selection of sustainable pieces. Travelling with an open mind and desire to connect, we don’t find them - they find us. 

It all started with a smile...

What was never intended to be a sourcing trip, became a story of curiosity, trust and kindness.

In a small surfing town I met a man named Smiley. He was quiet, gentle and genuine. Curiosity led me to his table, filled with treasures from a life lived by the sea. I felt a gentle hum of instinct to bring some home. I saw artefacts I loved and had ideas for others not yet created. We spoke through some ideas and I trusted he saw my vision.

The beautiful thing about humans is we're hardwired to connect. A few days later I left his table, items in hand, once a stranger, now a friend.