The origins

A tapas evening filled with messy bowls became the seed of inspiration for a design that relieved the pain point of dips spilling over the side of traditional bowls. As a designer and self-proclaimed foodie, I quickly became infatuated with creating a memorable and effortless eating experience.

After ideation and play, I found that by adding a rounded curve and a little lip, a cracker and dip gracefully greet. And so our tapas bowl came to life. The perfect harmony of sculptural form and functional design.

Since then, the collection has evolved to include a range of beautiful pieces that spark conversation, connection and sharing. May this collection bring you closer to the ones you love and when you look down at your handmade pieces of purpose may they remind you to cherish the moments made for sharing.

The Inspiration

Inspired by the guidance and support of stone cairns*, our tapas bowls serve as a reminder of the strength of human connection. Available in three stackable sizes, their humble functionality is elevated to a symbol of the balance we find in our time spent with loves ones.

*A cairn is a man-made stack of stones raised for a purpose, usually as a navigational aid on outdoor trails.

Where form and function meet.

From and idea in 2019 - to our launch in 2023 - learn more about the journey here.

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